My Java program crashed and I got a Java crash report. However, the crash was within JNI native code, so the crash log is not very useful, I'd better have a crash dump. The only useful information is the offset in my native DLL.

Extract of the Java crash report:

C  [test.dll+0x1032]

Since the crash is not easily reproducible, I cannot create a .dmp file, but still want to figure out which method was called.

Tool request

I am looking for a tool which would load an arbitrary PDB file, I enter the offset and the tool converts it to the method name + offset within the method.

Input:  test.dll+0x1032
Output: test.dll!mymethod+0x2A


  • Runs on Windows 7 x64
  • Deals with PDB version 2.0 and 7.0
  • preferred gratis

I found out that this can be done with WinDbg (part of the Debugging Tools for Windows) like this:

  1. Open the executable or DLL as dump file (Ctrl+D), not as executable
  2. .symfix;.reload to load the PDB, .sympath+ <path> if you need your own symbols
  3. ln <address> to resolve the method name (e.g. ln test.dll+0x1032)

This is an answer because:

  • WinDbg runs on Windows 7 x64/x86 (e.g. version 6.2.9200 / 6.3.9600)
  • WinDbg loads arbitrary PDBs
  • is available for free

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