I am looking for a plugin for Visual Studio that would give me the indicator functionality similar to that of GitGutter for Sublime Text. I'd like it to work with SVN (or better yet agnostic to the version control system). Preferably gratis, but I don't mind paying a little.

Basically I want to be able to quickly see which lines were added, modified, and deleted since the last commit.

Visual Studio already provides great functionality to see changes since opening the file, but I need it to be since the last commit.

This is a sample image from GitGutter's GitHub page:
GitGutter screenshot

The green plus sign indicates that the line was added since the last commit. The purple square indicates that the line was modified. The red triangle indicates a line was deleted.


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Would it happen to be something like VisualSVN for Visual Studio? I remember using it before I made the switch to git, and VS2012. It can be free, depending on usage. There's also one for git, if you prefer.

Unfortunately, there really doesn't seem to be an agnostic solution, as having a source integrator dealing with two different repository types could be quite cumbersome...

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You should try this extension, it satisfies your expectation https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=LaurentKempe.GitDiffMargin

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