I have written an app that processes a video (720*576 px, 30 fps, RGB format) using OpenCV under Java. I only calculate 5 int variables as a result of my processing on each frame. I would like to store those 5 int variables with the current frame in a dataset, and I therefore need to do that several times per second (30 times/sec would be ideal, but I could do with less by grouping the data, I guess...).

What would be the right database choice for such a thing? I was thinking HDF5, would that be a suitable solution?

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Just about anything would work.

The issue of "30 times a second" should be within the capability of any database or dataset file format. If there are problems keeping up, they can be handled:

  • by either batching the inserts (for a database or access library),

  • by writing to a buffered stream, or

  • by using an in-memory queue and separate Java threads for frame processing and saving the extracted data. (Assuming that you are processing frames in real-time.)

I would chose a database / library / format based on the other things that you want it to do. The performance should not be a concern for what you are proposing to do.


You could easily, (on most modern systems), write 5 integer values 4 commas and linefeed to a file on hard disk at 30 writes per second and with a much lower overhead than a DB. Try keeping it simple and write to a csv file - most databases can import from a csv file without problems if you need it in a database later.

  • yes, however I wanted to add the current processed frame too, which means I would put 720*576*3 = 1244160 float variables + 5 int variables at 30 writes/sec... Does your answer still hold in that case, or do you think I then need an alternate solution?
    – Raoul
    Dec 7, 2014 at 21:33

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