I am looking for a Web and/or desktop app (Windows & Cloud sync) that behaves like Evernote but also has Markdown support. I searched but could not find anything useful.

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    Marxico - the missing markdown editor for Evernote Commented Dec 6, 2014 at 11:56
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    @ṧнʊß Thanks. Better than what I was expecting. Make this your answer. I will mark it.
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Markdown editor with Evernote integration and support

Evernote Support:

  • easily link from sidebar on the right
  • one-click save (button 3rd from the right at the top right)


  • Keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl+I, B, S (save) etc...
  • Auto closes brackets, quotes () [] "" ''
  • Syncs with Evernote
  • Paste images via clipboard! (wish we had that in SE :)
  • Very easy to use

enter image description here enter image description here

(BTW I just copied and pasted the markdown from Marxico to here - same as SE, except for the picture :( - you can only see that in the screenshot above :))


With stack-edit you can make your notes in markdown, including importing html from other web pages and then you can synchronize your documents to Google Drive, Dropbox or a CouchDB instance or you can publish to a number of locations.


While I have not personally used, Obsidian has a great reputation among note takers and Markdown users.

It's closed-source, but offers perpetual free license for personal use, and any data is stored on your computer and stays with you.

Cloud sync feature is offered at US$10 per month, but I wouldn't bother with that when I already have OneDrive.


Notion.so is an online Markdown notebook service. It's the closest competitor to Evernote I've seen, and it offers importing from Evernote (surprise!).

It's an online Markdown-based notebook that organizes your notes into pages. It's a SaaS so your data is stored on Notion's servers, and syncs seamlessly across all devices. It also provides sharing and real-time collaboration features just like Google Docs. Note pages can be shared to the public internet, like mine.

In case you need to take out your data, you can export your content as either Markdown + assets, or as a PDF.

Client software is available for browsers (just open notion.so), Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

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