I’m looking for a Web app (FLOSS and for self-hosting on a Linux server) that lets me add text to images. Fast and without hassle. I don’t want a full-featured image editor.


Desired workflow/features:

  1. Choose one of the uploaded images. The tool should offer a way to upload new ones. Formats: at least PNG and JPG.

  2. Add text in a WYSIWYG mode. Ideally it would allow: choosing the font size/family/color; moving the text freely; creating different blocks of text.

  3. Download the edited image. It may also save the edited image on my server, but then it must use a different directory. If it saves them on the server, it would be nice to have a kind of browser to see all created images.

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    If we omit the WYSIWYG requirement you can do that with a few lines of PHP and GD/Imagemagick magic. – user111 Dec 5 '14 at 15:14

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