Is there any software that would help me convert a large amount of small SVG files to PNG?

It would be great if it would let me specify the color to use for any solid paths in the SVG files.

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That should be possible using ImageMagick, which is available cross-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows). This software ships with a bunch of command-line utilities, perfectly fitting your needs.

Let's give me an example: Say you've stored a bunch of your *.svg in the current directory, and want to convert them to *.png – that would be a one-liner:

convert -format png *.svg

A more detailed description can be found with the ImageMagick examples, or a simple Google-search for "imagemagick convert svg to png". As I've not used ImageMagick in this manner, I cannot give you the exact parameters for your "color issue" – but I'd wonder if that wouldn't be possible.


You can use Inkscape (gratis, available on Linux, Mac, Windows). It has some export command line options, e.g. inkscape in.svg --export-type=png -o out.png -h HEIGHT -w WIDTH .

  • In case you prefer the dpi setting: inkscape in.svg --export-type=png -o out.png --export-dpi=DPI
    – LC117
    Dec 13, 2023 at 10:57
  • I didn't know Inkscape has a CLI, wonderful! I used inkscape --export-type=png *.svg to convert all SVG files in the current folder. The default is 96 dpi, which was fine for me.
    – msa
    Mar 16 at 14:30

You can use Photoshop CC 2015 or higher:

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