I'm developing a Java application which should run primarily on Android, but desktop is strongly considered and iOS may be a nice bonus. As the GUI is by far not the core (estimated 10-20% development time on desktop), I started with the business logic and some rudimentary desktop GUI using Swing.

There are tools allowing to develop without any code and what I'm looking for is exactly the opposite. A tool allowing to compose the GUI in pure Java, no drag and drop, no generated code, and (if possible) no XML. I found out that using something like miglayout works best for me (I don't expect to ever see a GUI builder compatible with me).

I have a lot of experience with Eclipse IDE, and only a very limited experience with it for Android. For desktop I'm perfectly happy with Eclipse, for Android it was not satisfactory because of the very slow emulator and re-occurring strange configuration problems. I'm considering Codename One, but haven't even downloaded it yet; I hope to get a helping answer first.

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