I'm looking for a something that I can use to plan tasks for my work days in advance that I can link with someone else so we can both add to it and if possible, to easily be accessed from mobile (Android).

I would like something that's simple and clear to use where I can add tasks to time slots in the day and easily keep track of and edit the tasks along with a colleague.


Wunderlist is the solution I use for managing lists and tasks and I'm very happy with it. To give you an idea of its pros and cons:


  • Can optionally specify deadline dates and add notes against each task.
  • Tasks can be ordered and optionally marked with a star.
  • Tasks can be viewed by list, by starred, by due today or due this week.
  • Can be accessed and managed via website, desktop application or mobile app.


  • Lists can't have sub-lists.
  • There are no workflows that would take an item from one status to a another.
  • Tasks cannot be assigned a start time or expected duration, however you could type this into the task caption and manually order the tasks by start time.

I would definately recommend you try it even if it turns out this isn't the right solution for you.

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