I need a really simple project manager for Linux (Lubuntu). I want to track to-do items, bugs, etc; and I also need to organize all the tasks in a Gantt diagram.

Currently I'm using a plain txt file and well, I want something more powerful/complex. I've checked all the other questions tagged , but they're talking about web-based software – but I prefer desktop applications.

Which application can you recommend?

  • Pretty much all FOSS alternatives to Microsoft Project are unusably buggy or clunky or both. IMHO. Nov 29, 2014 at 9:09

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I recommend TaskWarrior. The core is command-line based, but there are also other frontends.

You might be interested in these two frontends:

  • tchart, a frontend which can do GANTT style diagrams, and
  • ptask, a GTK based frontend.

I though haven't used these two frontends, just the TUI frontend named vit.

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