Looking for Windows application that will quickly and easily emboss a date onto JPG images (photographs), preferably obtained from the EXIF data.

Being able to perform the function on a group (batch) of images is a big plus, but not an absolute requirement.

A preview feature is also a plus, but not a requirement.

Must be cost-free (freeware).

Open-source is always a plus, but definitely not a requirement.


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I've used the batch conversion option in IrfanView to do this previously.

Here's a sample image with a date overlaid sampled from the photos EXIF data.

Date overlay example image

This can be accomplished through the IrfanView Batch Conversion/Rename... function and you can process multiple images as a batch.


  1. Open Irfanview and choose the Batch Conversion/Rename... from the File menu
    File menu screenshot
  2. In the Batch conversion window that opens there are numerous settings, but the one to add overlay text to the image is in the Advanced Options
    Batch conversion screenshot
  3. In the Set for all images window you can enable the Add overlay text option, then control it via the Settings button.
    Set for all images screenshot
  4. To use the date stamp from the image as the text enter something like this into the Text: box:


You'll need to play with the various settings in this area a fair amount to get the text positioned where you want and at the size that you want, but once set-up you can easily run it on multiple images.

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