I'm looking for a JavaScript framework, either free or commercial, to draw dashboards based on provided XML or JSON description.

Some of the framework requirements: - a dashboard should be able to contain multiple text, table and chart components - a dashboard can be dynamically drawn in a browser window pane

I've seen Splunk, but want to find some more options. IPython Notebook .ipynb format in JSON and SalesForce VisualForce XML are also good examples of what I'm looking for.



As Izzy mentioned, it is kind of tough to tell what you're looking for, but I think I might have a solution for you.

ZingChart is a native JavaScript charting library that can be used to build quite robust dashboards. It was explicitly built for big data sets and takes JSON by default. Here's a tutorial for loading in external JSON.

I'm on the ZingChart team, if you have any questions. :)

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