I need an Android (KitKat) app to quickly add apps to an organized wishlist. Google's integrated Play Store wishlist is far too simple to be useful. Being able to assign categories or tags is essential.

Also, being able to add notes for each app is a requirement. If I uninstall an app, I want to be able to write a quick note as to why I uninstalled it.

A useful feature would be to include cost information, so that I can bookmark expensive apps and easily check back to see if they are on sale or the price has been lowered.

Speed and ease-of-use are very important. Accomplishing the task with as few clicks as possible is key.

The great app Marketmarks can do all these things, and I built up an organized database with over 1000 apps. But it turns out the Restore component of the Backup / Restore process does not work properly. When I switched devices, all my hard work became unusable. (The author has been notified, but he may not read/write English.) :(

The app you recommend can be something integrated into the Play Store, or a separate app store altogether.

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