I am looking for a cross platform (OS X 10.10 + Windows 7) encryption solution which can fully encrypt, decrypt and modify a USB disk (full disk encryption). Truecrypt does this, but you need admin privileges to run it.

Can anyone recommend an alternative (i.e. a portable application) which runs with only standard user privileges under Windows 7? I have full access to the OS X machine. Preferably open source, but I am open to suggestions.

  • Researching this turns out to be an increasingly frustrating issue - every existing solution has some drawback. I actually followed the link originally posted by @PathumAnjana, but have not found anything usable yet. SecurStick looks interesting, but the transfer rates are much too low. How do you guys use encrypted USB drives? – ben Nov 26 '14 at 10:46
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    I'm pretty confident that you can't mix cross platform and without admin privileges to do disk encryption. A cross-platform solution to do this would need to be installed first. Usually this means installing a file-system driver and that certainly entails privileged access to the computer. – adib Nov 13 '16 at 4:33
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    admin/root rights will be needed to access the disk at low-level to do full file-system encryption. If you don't have those rights you should use a virtual encrypted disk image – phuclv Jun 29 '18 at 17:37

I have no solution to fully encrypt the disk content, but you can look at Keepass https://keepass.info/ which can store files inside the safe file and it has great cross platform support. (You'll need to check performances)

(I'm not sure about Password Safe https://pwsafe.org/, but it's worth checking out)

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