My dad is using a lifetab E10320 using android 4.2.2. Not sure whether they were installed by Medion or himself, but he had LIFE Player and *Videoplayer" installed. Both videoplayers were running quick smooth, but he was complaining about the low sound volume, so I downloaded VLC player for him and the sound was nice, but now the video stutters. That's why I wondered what you guys would recommend for a smooth android mediaplayer with a possible sound boost. Subtitles are used almost exclusively, so the interface should make subtitles easy to use.

The movie I was trying to play was a 7.49 GB 1080p mkv file, while the tablet only supports up to 720p if I check youtube for max resolution. The first two mentioned players worked smooth and scrolling to the movie went without any delay, while VLC player make the image stutter.

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After installing and using many options, I finally settled onto MX Player. It has plenty of configurable controls (yet fairly easy to use) and features a nice hardware-codec mode that can greatly improve your video performance, provided your hardware supports it.

  • my first impression is not really user-friendly as the videos on the SD card aren't included in the maps view... Nov 23, 2014 at 19:16

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