I'd like to take a screenshot on an hourly basis (with an option for as short as minutely, or long as daily would be nice).

And automatically delete previous day's/week's screenshots. It'd be nice if I could actually choose between the two (daily vs weekly) but if not that's fine too. Or it should delete based on the folder size, i.e. delete oldest screenshots if overall folder size exceeds XX amount. Just any one of the "automatic deletion" methods would be fine.

It should save in a local folder.

Screenshot should be of entire screen. Although not necessary but if it lets me mask or crop a certain area that'd be nice too.

Also it be nice if it had the ability to sleep (not take screenshots) when there's no user activity (time since last mouse movement >~ XX sec)

Is there any such software that does this?

OS: Windows.


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You can use Ardamax Keylogger:

  • non-free
  • Windows
  • capture screenshots at regular intervals and can be configured not to capture screenshots when the system is idle:

enter image description here

  • can specify the maximum log file:

enter image description here


I'm using timesnapper classic at work, it works really great

It's free, easy to configure


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IcyScreen is an automatic screenshot taker / automatic screen capture program that can automatically save screenshots to disk, upload them to a web server via FTP, and e-mail them to an unlimited number of recipients, including yourself.

enter image description here

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