I am looking for a Chrome extension that allows me to find multiple words.

There is the 'find in page' built-in, but that only allows me to such for one word, and if I search for more than 1, they must be in succession - which I don't want.

What I do want:

  • search and highlight multiple words / phrases on current page
  • words don't have to be in succession
  • must be Chrome extension - I need to use it on Windows and OSX
  • need it to be free


  • customizable highlighting colour
  • shortcut key to activate extension
  • wildcard characters

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Regex Search

Regex search is a Chrome extension to search webpages by regular expressions. To use it based on your requirement just separate the words by the "or" character, |. The dot . can be used as a wild card.


  • Search and highlight multiple words / phrases
  • Words don't have to be in succession
  • Is a Chrome extension
  • Is free and open-source
  • Has a shortcut key Alt+Shift+F
  • Has wildcard characters

It does not allow to customize the highlight color, but the developer is open to suggestions. Also, since it's open-source, we could take a look under the hood and see if the color can be changed. (Edit: this is indeed possible as pointed out in the comments by ComFreek.)

Here is an example where I searched the question for "word", "free", and all two letter words starting with "i".


word|i. |free

(Edit: Reduced picture size and moved it to the bottom since it was disctracting. Click it for higher res version)

  • 1
    The general search results' color is determined by the user agent style for <mark> tags. The color for the currently selected search result can be changed in the source. (Disclaimer: I contributed some changes some months ago.)
    – ComFreek
    Nov 20, 2014 at 17:18
  • According to Schmibby this does not work with frames.
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Aug 15, 2016 at 9:20

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