We have a system where we want to develop a one-time purchasing option and subscription-based model. Basically, one would involve purchase one-off document sheets for download. Users can also subscribe to a 'package', where they can publish an amount of courses online in their member's area. Hence, the system needs to be able to generate one-time invoices for one-off purchases, as well as yearly invoices for each package. The system needs to attach to events like when an invoice is paid, so that it performs some custom logic.

I was looking into developing this, but was thinking if there is any C# component or cloud-based system which we can integrate with, which would perform such functionality. I'm sure this has been done all over again, and I hate re-inventing the wheel. I've been looking for "invoicing systems", "invoice components", to no avail. It needs to perform the below features:

  • Be able to get a list of invoices related to a member, to show them in the member's area
  • Reporting on invoices by unpaid, paid, etc
  • Ability to know when an invoice is paid, so we can do custom logic related to an invoice
  • Integrate with custom payment providers for payment
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