In our project, we currently use git version control for our source code. However, we have a need to track our binary releases (virtual machines, configured setups) as well. They are usually some gigabytes each, which doesn't work well with git.

What's your suggestion on a good tool for this?

Our workstations are Windows-based, whereas our servers are Linux boxes. We use git in a central way, as in we have one server hosting and then take backups from that server.

Since we already have git, my initial idea (partly based on this discussion) was to use git-annex or git fat for this as they would integrate with the workflow. However, it seems neither of them has very good Windows support (git-annex has beta support, git fat has only support in a branch a single user made). That seems too immature for versioning of really important, production-quality stuff.

Non-git solutions can be offered as well.


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