Is there any data flow image processing software like Simulink?

I want a software like Simulink in which we can simply drag and drop tools without any coding. when you want to do a sequence of tasks on images, you do it simply by using ready to use components and tools without any coding in the background.( i.e data visualization and data-flow based).

Simulink is a good option but it has low performance. I want a program to be fast,rich(do many of image processing tasks) and also preferably open source and windows-based.

  • Welcome to the SoftWrecks, abdolah! Could you please edit your question and include a link to Simulink for reference? Congrats besides that you didn't tap into the usual "something alike" trap, but explicitely named some of your requirements. The more precise you've put your requirements, the better fit answers you should expect – so if there's anything more, be welcome to include it. Good luck so far! – Izzy Nov 18 '14 at 10:14

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