I have worked with FFmpeg, AtomicParsley and Mp4Box in the past to set MP4 thumbnails. However today I realized that MediaMonkey can also set them, and fast.

The previous three programs listed all had to rewrite the entire file to do this, while I have found that MediaMonkey can set the thumbnail without a full rewrite. This takes the processing time per file from about 1 minute to about 1 second.

I would prefer a command line program that can do what MediaMonkey is doing. Can any of the ones I have listed be made to do this, or is another command line program available that can?


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FFmpeg has an open issue on this functionality. In the meantime, covers can be added with the TagEditor project. To add:

tageditor -s cover=ju.jpg --max-padding 100000 -f ki.m4a

To remove:

tageditor -s cover= --max-padding 100000 -f ki.m4a

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