I would like to analyze tomcat logs for potential issues. I found one here web-log-analyzer. I would like to know if similar tools exists.

Wanted features.

  • Open source or freeware
  • Find response times (min/max/avg), most used URL
  • easy installation
  • active community
  • help files

Not necessary but nice to have

  • scriptable
  • Ability to issue SQL queries like Microsoft Log Parser (this on)
  • Cross platform

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You can use Splunk, in which you can centralize all logs you have, you can then perform crossed search. It's a freeware, a bit heavy but awesome.

You can also use Lambda Probe, but it's more for global managment, not especifically for logs.

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    Thanks for your recommendations, Winged Panther! But could you please edit your post and point out how each recommended product meets the requirements stated by the OP (e.g. "easy installation", "active community", scriptable, cross-platform)? For a raw guide, you might wish to refer to our discussion on what makes an answer high quality. This would make your answer more helpful, also to others. Thanks in advance!
    – Izzy
    Commented Nov 11, 2014 at 12:12

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