RESTful queries: FIQL/RQL

I'm looking for implementations for FIQL in context of RESTful application. The thing which I'm looking for previously was asked on SO, but I'm looking for implementations, written in PHP. So far I did some research and found javascript and java implementations, but it still not possible to use in my project.

Second thing is - that I actually have no strict requirement on FIQL - and, if any decent alternative for FIQL or RQL exists with PHP implementation, I will appreciate any suggestions.

Of course, since FIQL has it's own RFC, last option would be - implement parser by myself, but, due to timeline conditions that would be the last thing to do and I need to be sure that I'm not reinventing the wheel before start doing that.


So, are there any decent PHP implementations for RESTful query language, which is URI-friendly and work both ways (i.e. not only construct a request, which is, obviously, an easy thing to do, but also to parse it back)?

1. Despite similar (mentioned) question exists on SO, it's normally not welcome there to ask questions about third-party libraries/implementations/stuff-like-that, so asking there. Hope it's a proper SE site for that, but if not - please, guide to the correct one.

2. I can not create tags. Proper would be , , together with

  • Update: was not able to find any library for my requirements. Written own implementation for partial FIQL and goals of the API of the project.
    – Alma Do
    Commented Nov 11, 2014 at 20:15

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afaik, it seems no PHP implementation exists so far.. We also need one for our company and it looks like we're writing one ourselves - will be located at https://github.com/libgraviton/php-rql-parser ;-)

We will need some weeks for any progress from our side (ppl going on holiday); but check back there later or maybe consider to contribute..

  • No need anymore, since I've decided to implement parser by myself. So partial implementation of FIQL with respect of our needs. But anyway - thanks for the answer and good luck with your project
    – Alma Do
    Commented Nov 11, 2014 at 20:17

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