Please suggest CI service that can run Java/Scala builds with tests on non-x86 architectures: ARM, PowerPC etc. Maven (or Sbt) integration is required. Free option for OSS projects (like in Travis-CI or Shippable) is highly desirable.

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Service or software? For software i've written something that is cross platform.

http://linci.tp23.org/ is written basically in bash. Its reuses existing Linux tools to cobble together a CI server. ssh for remoting, tsp for task scheduling, cron for timers, bash and awk to define jobs and the CLI to execute them. ii(irc) , xtomp or mailx for notifications.

I run it on x86 and raspberry pi (ARM), I think it will run on anything for which you can find a Debian based Linux distro. Linux only.

Plugins are sets of env variables: you define an environment for a build e.g. you could define java8 and java9 with different JAVA_HOME and MAVEN_HOME and to exec maven linci can call maven's cli. It does not need a plugin for each tool provided the tool has a CLI.

UI is cli/terminal, with bash_completion.

vcs triggers, i.e. run build on submit, use the vvcs buidlint hooks, git hooks, svn perforce triggers and bzr python hook.

Webhooks use a nodejs server, but would be trivial to write webhooks on a different platform.

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