I moved a piece of code into a new method and I would like to see that in a visual manner. meld and patch just shows a piece of code got deleted and a new piece of code got added.

What tool could I use? Cross-platform strongly preferred.

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I will not give you any recommendation tools right now (I will update my answer soon). But, you can try Github Gist first. The Github Gist has a revision features that will show you about the codes either added or removed. See one of the public gist here from Facebook. You can view both of green and red bar. The green bar indicates the added code and red bar indicates the removed code. Actually, this feature lacks of visualization as your expectation.

Another way that you can know the code moving is comparing the files and folders. I found on the internet, there was a diff tool you can try. This is one of the example, Diff Between from JetBrains. Given the visualization of diff tool here below:

Diff Between

There are a lot of diff tool that supports an IDE out there.

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    That does not show code moved from where to where.
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Nov 10, 2014 at 7:08
  • The screenshot says "deleted" "changed" "inserted" but not "moved".
    – chx
    Nov 11, 2014 at 23:00
  • sorry, I have missunderstood you question. My answer above doesn't meet your expectation. Sorry.
    – meisyal
    Nov 12, 2014 at 8:12

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