There is a question about a general color picker for the computer, but is there a Chrome extension for color picking?

By this I mean, a pointer that can zoom in and tell me the HTML hex color code and RGB number.

I need it to be:

  • free
  • a chrome extension (so I can use it on Windows and OSX)
  • allowing me to zoom in to certain parts of a webpage
  • working on local files as well
  • show hex code and RGB number

This will be useful when I like a certain colour scheme for a website and would like to try using it in other things

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Eye Dropper & ColorZilla

They are Google Chrome extensions for picking colors from a webpage. They are very similar, and only meet some of your requirements so I'm combining them in one answer. They both:

  • Are free

  • Are Chrome extensions

  • Have no zoom functionality, but they show a preview of the current pixel under the mouse pointer

  • Do not work on local files (a possible workaround is using Print Sreen and uploading screenshots, or using a non-extension app)

  • Show hex and RGB codes, among other formats

                             Eyedropper                                       ColorZilla

  • @ṧнʊß Thank you :). You could also use the Windows Magnifier with any of these tools. Keyboard shortcut: Win & NumPad+
    – Tymric
    Commented Nov 8, 2014 at 17:08
  • True, but I'll see if there are any extensions with built in magnification, but I don't really care about that very much because you said it shows you the pixel under the mouse. Most importantly - support for local files. Commented Nov 8, 2014 at 18:38

I found something similar to what I wanted, and it's built into Chrome!

It's in developer tools (F12 on Windows, Option+cmd+I on OSX):

Double click the colour shown in the 'Styles' tab and you will be shown with a colour picker. You get the current pixel you are over magnified and a click will show you the HTML code where you can copy it.

I'm choosing this over @Timmy's answer because it works on local files.

What it doesn't do (that I would have liked):

  • show me the RGB code (although a quick Google of the html code will show me the rgb one)
  • can't exactly zoom in (but the magnified pixel works just fine :)

enter image description here

click image for larger view

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