I'm looking for a music software that is able to compose (random) solo melodies along a given chord progression using corresponding scales.

Addendum 1

The Mac software suggested by VAlexander looks very interesting and is certainly worth mentioning for future readers. Unfortunately, in my case it's the wrong platform. I forgot to mention that I am looking for a Windows, Linux, Android or web-based application or alternatively a java library.

It does not require a full-feature music sequencer. A smart little tool would be totally sufficient.

Addendum 2

The tool that I've found and described in my answer provides reasonable results, but I am still very interested in software, that addresses the same task with alternative concepts. I leave the question open therefore.

The output should be in MIDI format.

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I have found the dinosaur: Impro-Visor. Here are my first experiences:

1. Setup

  • be sure to have a 32-bit Java VM at hand; to avoid undesirable interaction with my previous installation, I used a Portable JRE

  • to get rid of the Metal Look and Feel, you can add a line to impro-visor.vmoptions:


2. Entering chord progression

  • Impro-Visor has a handy quick input field, which shortcuts the whole clicking, selecting, pressing magic correction key combination process:

    Textual chord progression entry

  • to change the chords later, there is a source code editor:

    source code editor

  • Basic settings about the accompaniment (style, instrument, volume) can be changed in the Preferences dialog:

    Preferences dialog

3. Creating Melodies

  • Now we select the part, we need a melody for and launch the lick generator from the menu:

    lick generator dialog (Just for reassurance: the "Abstract melody" part shown, has not to be typed in)

    • melody and rhythm can be alternated independently
    • you can define the propability for whether a note is selected from the chord or the scale
    • pitch and intervals can be limited
    • etc.
  • After some fiddling with the generator's grammar, here is a first result:

    generated melody


  • Impro-Visor mainly targets jazz improvisation, which is reflected in the available styles
  • the GUI is a bit old-fashioned

At the first impression, the program looks quite useful. It offers significant opportunities, but significant learning curves as well.

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