I‘m looking for an online/hosted Microdata parser.

Bonus points if it also validates vocabulary use (for known vocabularies, especially Schema.org), e.g., it could report an error if a non-existing Schema.org type or property is used.

Input: Direct input (full HTML5 document or only a HTML5 snippet) or URL to a HTML5 document.

Output: The Microdata items and their properties in a human-readable form. If a property has another item as value, it should either nest it or reference it (e.g., via "Item 1", "Item 2" etc.).

What I tried:


Structured Data Linter

(The code is FLOSS/public domain.)

Input: directly (even allows snippets), file upload, URL.

Output: As table. Item values are nested. If the same property is used several times, the values are displayed in a list.

Raw structured data extracted from the input snippet, presented in a table which contains another table for an item value.

It has "limited vocabulary validation" for several vocabularies, including Schema.org.

Possible issue: It does not only parse the Microdata, but also RDFa (and JSON-LD, but not if it’s embedded in a script element). Even if the input only contains Microdata, the tool displays the result as RDF (e.g., using rdf:type for the itemtype).

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