I'm looking for an online tool (preferably a web-app, which doesn't require any set up for all the participants) to prepare and sumup meetings.

The idea is we use Google Calendar to set up our meetings, but we need a tool other than a mail discussion to prepare them so we are actually effective once we get into the meeting.

Imagine a weekly meeting about an ongoing software development. I'd like a tool with which I could :

  • Create a project and add users to it
  • Create an entry every week in this project for the meeting
  • Invite the appropriate people to join the entry (all of the project users or not)
  • Have the people concerned by the meeting write down what they want before the meeting (work done, blocking elements, planing status, ...)
  • Have an overview of all this once we are in the meeting
  • Type a report during / after the meeting
  • Send the report to the people who were in this meeting
  • Have a history of all the past meetings

Does such a tool exist? Note that all this could be done by mailing everyone but it would require some extra work, and would eventually spam the attendees inboxes.

I'd like to use a hosted solution, but if the software is exactly what I'm looking for and needs to be installed on my server, I wouldn't mind


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