I am searching for an Android app that meets the following requirements.

  • Plays similarly to Magic: The Gathering
  • Allows the user to build custom decks
  • Has multiplayer
  • Makes good use of screen real estate

An app that "makes good use of screen real estate" is one that does not have a lot of "empty space". The following screenshot from Magic 2015 shows what I do not want:

enter image description here

The table (or "empty space") occupies most of the display and does not provide the user with any value.


OK, looks like you have a couple of options if the screen space is a key factor!

Forgotten Myths (Link). Has both co-op and dueling modes. Screenshots look like good use of screen space.

Order and Chaos Duels (Link). Multiplayer is only PVP by the looks of things.

If you had a tablet, Hearthstone is out soon as well, but indications are that it's only for tablets

  • Order and Chaos Duels is the best fit, so far.
    – romascom
    Nov 27 '14 at 23:08

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