I'm looking for a free Android widget looking and having the same feature than the web embedable google calendar widget.

I mean, displaying the whole week with day and hour grid, then a line showing the current time, and the ability to change the week displayed.

something like the timetable on this site : http://www.univ-orleans.fr/sciences-techniques/info/miage/master-1

or just like the webinterface of google agenda (unfortunately, the android widget shows only "today" schedule :/ )

What widget could you suggest ?

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I suggest Calendar Widget: Month+Agenda it requires Android version 2.2 and up


• Synced with Google calendars

• Shows markers for dates with events

• Shows today's agenda

• Shows week numbers (optional)

• Opens default calendar app by taping on date

• Beautiful and clean design

  • it seems to only display the mounth... :/ I'd like to display only the a week timetable, no "current day" feature, just a time timetable with a line showing the current hour (see the link I added in the question)
    – hl037_
    Nov 4, 2014 at 12:10

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