The application should be able to prevent the app from loading at boot and managing this status as frozen or not (e.g. in a list). That the application requires root privileges shouldn't be a problem.

Examples of non-FLOSS apps are AppFreezer and RootAppDelete.

Where I tried searching:

  • Searching Google PlayStore for FLOSS apps is useless because Google providing a way to uninstall the pre-installed advertisement wouldn't make sense.
  • F-Droid doesn't return any results for the search query "freeze".
  • Android forums are very hard to read due to the lack of structuring a Q&A provides (I searched 20 posts in 4 forums for any helpful content and gave up).
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    @Timmy "App freeze" is quite a standing term in the Android community ;) // Karl: Unfortunately, there indeed seems to be no FLOSS tool for that. My related app-listing has just pointers to Play and Aptoide here (nothing found on F-Droid, neither for "freeze" nor for "disable" or "remove").
    – Izzy
    Commented Nov 4, 2014 at 8:15

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I've not tried it myself, but Disable Manager is available at F-Droid – and thus FOSS (nothing to do with tooth floss ;)

Assists in the disabling of pre-installed apps. You can show lists of apps installed apps and can disable/enable them.

Looking for alternatives, if nothing shows up for "freeze" it might be because the official term is "disable". Apart from that, a few related apps are in my listing Remove pre-installed Apps.

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