I've used LICEcap for a few years and always recorded pixel art with it with only a few colours. I started recording other 'stuff' with more colours lately but the quality was very bad.

Example http://desu.animekoko.ga/img/akamegagif.gif
Some example of that recording

I heard good things about .webm and I see it used more frequently. Is there anything like LICEcap (selecting a part of the screen and just start/stop recording) which makes .webm?


  • lets you select a part of the screen to record
  • saves in .webm format
  • runs on Windows
  • has no watermark
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The free version has all the features (and even more) you want:

  • free
  • no watermark for WebM (*)
  • .webm output
  • runs on Windows
  • selectable portion of screen
  • add annotations
  • add captions
  • easy to use
  • use microphone

To make video like in below screenshot: Full Motion Recording To make .webm: Export>Video enter image description here

(*) From their homepage: export to formats other then WMV, AVI, MPEG4, WebM will have a watermark. Activating with a license key will remove the watermark on appropriate outputs.



Screenpresso is a lightweight Windows app for screen capture using screenshots or HD video.

  • It allows you to select a region on the screen to capture. It also uses a magnifier for pixel-level accuracy
  • Saves in .webm format, among others (see image below)
  • Runs on Windows

The downside is that it attaches a watermark to the corner of each video if you use the free version.

  • I've used it but the webm it made were terribly slow and a watermark isn't an option.
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Capture frames in real-time and save them as WebM.

WebMCam Interface

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ShareX screenshot

  • Open source
  • No watermark
  • Records to .webm (need to change in settings as default is .mp4)
  • Runs on Windows


  • Supports display scaling
  • Take screenshots
  • Capture custom areas, windows
  • Records to .gif, and multiple video formats (encodes using FFmpeg)
  • Annotation tools
  • Can upload to multiple destinations, such as imgur, twitter, dropbox, youtube...

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