I'm looking for a C++ framework that will manage files, like serving a JS file included in an html document.

It won't just be serving static pages though.

Essentially I would like it to send static html and javascript at first, then the javascript will create a socket connection with the server to query for data and receive updates to data.

I ask for something similar to laravel, because that is what I have the most experience with. And by like Laravel, I mean is there a way to route based on the uri to have different controller methods handle different requests/and at the same time automatically handle file request uri's for fetching static documents, like javascript and css.

I've looked into POCO, and I don't believe it has these capabilities unless I'm mistaken. I've also seen people recommending cgi and CSP. Are these good ideas or is there something better?

Thank you for your time.


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Maybe try this? No personal experience, but could be good. https://cutelyst.org/
C++ is generally not used for web development, so not as many good options.

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