Yes, I do know there is a default charts functionality in Windows Forms. But they are not quite what I am looking for. I'm looking for some customizable charts where I can adjust colour, size, position, etc programmatically, and hopefully asynchronously (i.e something similar to HelloCharts, but for C# Windows Forms. In fact, I would love if I could somehow port HelloCharts to C#.)

Also, would help if it were a NuGet package, but there doesn't seem to be much, except for NuGet.Charts, which doesn't seem to have documentation, so I can't figure it out.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I saw this post, but Nevron Charts isn't 100% free, it only has a trial, so it doesn't fit my needs. EDIT 2: I also need zooming and panning features. ZedGraph fits all my needs except this one. EDIT 3: See accepted answer.

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OK, I found ZedGraph, and it does have automatic zooming control by doing this:

zedGraphControl.IsEnableWheelZoom = true;

It can make charts pretty quickly, and it has asynchronous operations for changing charts, and plus, some cool data analysis functions.

PS. It is also a NuGet package:

PM> Install-Package ZedGraph

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