There is an app called Tip of My Tongue that allows you to search for words based on parts of the word that you remember and the meaning. However, the "meaning" search doesn’t actually utilise synonyms - it merely searches the text of the dictionary definition of a word. I want an app that actually searches for synonyms.

Vital features:

  • Limit words by letters at the start, end or somewhere in the word
  • Limit results to a synonym of a particular word
  • Web app

To clarify: Suppose you know that there is a synonym of "fast" and all you remember is that it ends with "y". The app should be able to find it for you.

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    Why don't you use the English Language SE? Commented Oct 29, 2014 at 18:58
  • @DeerHunter: Single word requests are contentious as it is. When you are searching for a particular word only that makes the question much less useful to other people and hence too localised
    – Casebash
    Commented Oct 30, 2014 at 6:37

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One look is a reverse dictionary, but it provides exactly this functionality.


  • Web app
  • Filter by words related to a particular word
  • Filter by part of speech

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