I am looking for a good URL shortener, which can be either paid/free, but I need really good statistics with clicks, geo, etc.

I really like goo.gl, but it has a really simple list and I don't like the UI at all.

Do you have any recommendations?

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It's one of the most famous url shorteners, you have probably seen bit.ly links on articles, and in tweets and YouTube video descriptions.

  • Provides the ability to customize your links
  • Provides detailed click and geo statistics

For example, if you created a link that looks like: bit.ly/1z3MQET, then you can easily view its statistics by simply appending + to the end of the link, bit.ly/1z3MQET+


Google’s URL shortener is sleek, simple and efficient. But that is to be expected from the internet’s powerhouse. Login with your Google account to get a rundown of all your previous shortened URLs along with a nice selection of statistics for that particular URL. View total clicks, referrers, countries and platforms.

Not all URL shorteners offer statistics, so it’s good to take advantage. If you are not signed in when using Goo.gl, you will be given the same shortened URL as someone before if you are both trying to shorten the same URL. This then doesn’t give you access to personal statistics for your URLs.


Goo.gl URL analytics tracks valuable information on clicks and referrers including what browser and computer platform they’re using.


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