I want to start programming 2D games and I don't know what engine I should use (I work on my own and I am a beginner; plus I'm very young).

I've tried Kodu but it doesn't have a lot of possibilities and it crashes a lot. I also tried Unity but it is too complex even though it says it is for beginners.

Here is my list of requirements:

  • Free
  • For beginners (not very complex)
  • Offers a lot of possibilities for programming (2D) games
  • Has a simple interface that is easy to work on
  • Offers help and tutorials if any difficulties (optional)
  • Windows 7

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Python and Pygame

Python is a high-level programming language. It is beginner friendly and its codes are intuitive and very readable, you can get the Windows setup here

Pygame is an easy to use Python library for writing games. You can get the latest setup here (and not on the main site pygame.org)

As for the learning part, I suggest that you start with Invent with Python. It has three detailed books that are targeted towards beginners, and you can download them for free. The first one is about the Python syntax, and the second is focused on Pygame. They come with a complete set of example games along with detailed code explanation and instructions.

Regarding your requirements:

  • Python and Pygame are both free
  • Lots of examples online and the ability to create any 2D game you put your mind into
  • Simple interface: you can code it with your favorite text editor, and run with the python command. Or simply use IDLE, the IDE packaged with Python
  • Has beginner friendly tutorials linked above
  • Is cross-platform and runs on Windows
  • Forgot to mention that both python and pygame are FREE! Both an advantage and a question requirement. Oct 23, 2014 at 23:00

Have a look at GameMakerStudio.

  • free for Windows
  • strong in 2D games development
  • simpler to pick up than Unity (if you are starting to code)
  • there are many tutorials, although not official videos like the Unity ones
  • provides a simple interface (has its own code editor and all)
  • has a nice community

You can start coding with blocks and then learn GML (Game Maker Language) to code like a pro.

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