We are a software company, and we're looking for an api cloud base solution that would allow our hundreds of customers to create invoices. This product should have a tax approval from as much countries as possible.

What We mean by approval is that some countries tax authorities won't approve a business to charge for money, without testing its software, see how it produces invoices, and in some cases require adjustments and some api/electronic updated to the government (countries in Central and South America like Argentina for instance).

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You try FreeAgent where you can create users with certain permissions (e.g. creating invoices).

FreeAgent accounting software, User Permissions, Invoices

  • I need a product which has government approvals from as many countries as possible. Many customers around the world won't take a product without getting government approves on the process of invoices creation. That's the real problem.
    – ilans
    Commented Jan 16, 2017 at 17:18

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