I have two audio systems on two separate computers and I want to be able to play them with the same songs but synchronized and without having any lag. Can you help me with software (Windows 7) that does just that ?

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You can use VLC to broadcast a scheduled list of media, (audio and video), onto your LAN, see here, then each computer that you would like to listen on can use either vlc, media player or any player capable of connecting to a network stream to "play" the broadcast.

NOTE: They will never be 100% in step due to a number of issues: network rates, buffering, etc., but even if they were if you are a location where you can hear both they will sound out of step unless you are exactly the same distance from both, due to the speed of sound delays.

  • The server should work on any of Linux, Windows or OS-X
  • You should be able to play with any network device that has the capability to consume such streams, i.e. Linux, Windows, OS-X, iOS, Android, RaspberryPi, Internet aware TV or Stereo.
  • VLC is free (Gratis and FLOSS)

VLC is probably the best option if you simply play a track or a movie. However, if you want to send any audio to other computers I don't think this can be done with VLC (could anyone confirm or refute?). For that use you might be interested in Airfoil:

  • Windows and Mac
  • non-free: 25 USD (noise is overlaid on all transmissions longer than 10 minutes in the free version.)
  • Send any audio from your PC to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, iPhones and iPods Touch, and other PCs and Macs.

enter image description hereenter image description here


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