I am writing a seminar dissertation about new educational tools. I covered few tools which enhance fast learning but now I want to write about electronic grade book. I am Master of IT and this is part of extracurricular course.

I am from Poland and here every solution on the market has hidden fees, premium modules etc. I have been looking for English solutions but I couldn't find any free of charge or open source projects.

Question: Is there any electronic grade book which is open source or at least free of charge which enables:

  • remembering grades
  • remembering presence of children
  • parents notification if student is absent
  • chart analyse/tendency in student's scores
  • analysing SAT and others exams' results
  • localization (not only language but grade and exam system as well)
  • uploading homework

Or maybe is there electronic grade book provided by US Government for primary/secondary/high schools?


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I'd recommend Canvas.

Canvas is a learning management system that supports most of the features that you have noted in your post.

It supports

  • online assignments (from paper submissions to simple text to file upload to online quizzes),
  • attendance features including tracking absence and tardiness, and (AFAIK) allowing parents to subscribe to attendance emails,
  • classroom pages and announcements,
  • an online gradebook that supports both assignments submitted online and in class (manual entry),
  • the ability to look at statistics toward progressing toward specific outcomes, and
  • the ability to do online conferencing, for free.

There are three ways to get the dual-licensed (both commercial and open-source) product:

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