I'm using Freemind for knowledge accumulation. Separately I use anki cards for memorization.

What I'm missing is some tool to automatically create quizzes (best if it could be of anki type) for freemind is there any such tool?

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    FreeMind and Anki are both cross-platform. Could you please specify whether you need the software for a particular operating system? – Tymric Oct 18 '14 at 13:55
  • in general I use ubuntu as desktop and android as mobile phone. (if none for ubuntu and none for android then I can install windows for that purpose if something would exist on that OS). – Jas Oct 18 '14 at 17:35

This post is old, but perhaps others will be interested. Not sure if this works or has experienced bitrot, but there is freemind-to-anki If you search google with "Freemind (or Freeplane) to Anki", you'll find some other results too which may or may not be current. If you had been on OS X, another interesting option exists: [MarginNoteX][3], it also has an iOS app that syncs and it exports to Anki. I have no connection with MarginNoteX, but I do use it. I myself am looking into the Freeplane -> Anki route. Another interesting project, which I do use, is org-drill for use with Emacs and org-mode. It isn't related to your question, but I'll leave it here for others.

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