I am looking for a visual database design tool that:

  • integrates SQL development
  • can browse databases and tables graphically
  • supports the connection method TCP/IP over SSH (like MySQL Workbench)
  • supports MySQL 4.* (unlike MySQL Workbench)
  • works on Windows 8

If possible:

  • is still maintained (i.e. not some old, buggy, feature-poor versions)
  • free

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I would suggest HeidiSQL for this, I've used it in a few projects involving MySQL and it works great:

  • Built-in SQL code editor and graphical browser for almost every object in the server.
  • Not completely sure about MySQL 4X (not used it since a long time ago, and don't have a handy server to try), most likely latest version can use it, but even then, older version will work for sure.
  • Also supports MSSQL (to some extent) and is developing experimental PostgreSQL support, within the same environment.
  • Can connect though TCP/IP, named pipes or SSH tunnels (requires plink.exe from Putty for this).
  • Still actively developed.
  • Open source.

Graphical database editor SQL code editor SSH tunnel connection

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