My company is looking for an upgrade to our time tracking application in the form of throwing out the old one.

Currently we have (and would require for the new application):

  • Multiple users
  • Writes to database (as opposed to flat file)
  • Can be hosted on a machine within our own network
  • Free (it's homegrown, in future ones we'd like GPL/BSD licensing if possible) or low-cost ( < 10 users)
  • The system isn't for tracking how much a person worked, but for how much time was put into working on certain customer's project(s)

Things we would like in a new one:

  • Arbitrary sub-categorizing (see bottom of post)
  • Ability to add new customers from the web interface (In our current system we manually add it to the DB with an SQL Insert)
  • Preferably written in PHP, python or java if it's open source, but this isn't a hard requirement
  • Built in analytics (just numbers is fine, no need for anything fancy)

For arbitrary sub-categorizing, we currently have a system that looks like:

    Project 1
    Project 2

And can go no "deeper" in levels of indentation

What we would like is to be able to do

         Email support
         On-site support
     System change requests
  • Can I suggest that you are looking for a time tracking system rather than a timesheet system? – Steve Barnes Oct 15 '14 at 5:24
  • Looking into it, I think you're right, we just call ours a timesheet – Mitch Oct 15 '14 at 12:45

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