Let's say I have hand-drawn a cute map of my neighbourhood's park, and I want Android users to have it on their smartphone for offline use. I could tell them to download the file at a URL, but it would be too complex, most casual users are not even able to find a file they downloaded.

So, I would like to make this image an app.


  • Input: Image file, app name
  • Output: Android project ready to compile
  • Zero coding
  • Image can be zoomed, scrolled
  • Supports very large images, like 4000x4000
  • Free to use
  • Generated app is releasable as open source (no proprietary libraries)

Bonus, not required:

  • Automatic publication to Github and Play via their respective APIs.
  • Compatibility with even old versions of Android

Five years ago, I used to write a framework that did exactly this, but unfortunately it stopped working after Android 1.6. Anyway, I will mention it here as a possible source of inspiration:


You just had to execute the script with the image and name as arguments, for instance:

./generate_application.sh my_shiba_park_map.png "Shiba Park map"

Then you only had to compile the generated Android app.
License: GNU-GPLv3

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