I am looking for a decent scanner software that will allow:

  • Automatically crop a scan of multiple photos (Approx 4 photos every scan)
  • Re-orientation
  • Scratch and dust removal (if possible)
  • Color correction
  • Red-eye removal

I have about 1000 of old photos to scan. If all that can be done by a single software.. it will be time saving!


You can use ImageMagick (Free, open source, cross-platform, CLI) to post-process all your scanned images at once:


You can also try IrfanView. It is a free and lightweight graphics viewer with a batch conversion tool. You can find the option under the File menu or by using the shortcut key B. Then click the Advanced button for more options.

You can either manually set a CROP region (top left), or choose the Auto crop borders option which only works on white and transparent background. There are also options to resize and re-orient the image. However, it does not have an option for batch red-eye removal, and it can only fix one image at a time.

enter image description here


You can use Photoshop CS (Non-free, Windows / Mac, scriptable):


We recently put together this video for our clients entitled Tech Tips: Ways to Split Multiple Images Scanned on a Flatbed Scanner that may be of some help.

As far as the image restoration components, the newly released Vivid-Pix Restore application does this with typically with a single click.


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