Is there an editor for OSM data which allows direct read and write to a PostGIS database taking advantage of its features for performance?

Background: I've been checking on OSM data editor and found josm (7758) and merkaator ( 0.18.1) which seem great but have trouble with large input files. Problem for josm (still) is that the UI is blocking (the parallel reading of the input is very efficient though and should be adapted by a lot of other OSM data editors) and it'll take some time (of development) until every operation is non-blocking or abortable, i.e. smooth. merkaator takes for ever to parse a relatively small set of data and I consider it not usable (see test data details below).

Although very smart improvements to parallel parsing have been made (in josm), the problem of parsing XML is devoted to the decision of stream of memory based handling of the input and any editor based on parsing files will never reach an appropriate performance allowing to navigate in OSM planet snapshot at will without performance impacts. Using databases (with smart caches) as a backend of an editor would fix a lot of issues by taking advantage of partitioning, hashing, indices, etc. (all the reasons why we actually use databases...).

I tested the latest snapshot of Berlin which has a relatively high coverage and therefore large volume of data (currently ~750 MB), but at the end an application should be able to handle an arbitrary large input without blocking UI.

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