I have looked at several tools - draw.io, gliffy, lucidcharts. None support freehand drawing.

I know there are several online whiteboards, but I'm looking for something more sophisticated.

should have:

  • both shapes and allow free-hand drawing
  • collaboration
  • private drawings
  • ability to save diagrams
  • ability to export and import diagrams

basically, gliffy or draw.io with freehand capabilities.


You can create a Drawing type document on Google Drive:

enter image description here

It has a Lines and a Shapes menu. Under the first you can find Scribble which corresponds to freehand drawing, and under the second you can find common geometric shapes.

  • Supports both shapes and freehand drawings
  • Supports collaborations with revision history (through Google Drive)
  • Drawings are private unless you choose to share them
  • Ability to save drawings either on Google Drive or locally
  • Exports to .pdf, .svg, .png, and .jpg
  • No direct import, but you could insert other diagrams as images

enter image description here


Best ones I found so far are Tayasui Sketches and Microsoft OneNote. Both are worth trying but I confess I'm not 100% happy with either of the two.

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