I have a large collection of photos stored on my hard drive (currently over 20,000 photos, 100GB). I would like to get some statistics for these, ie properties from the EXIF data. eg how many photos for each of these properties:

  • make/model of camera
  • focal length
  • aperture
  • shutter speed
  • ISO
  • whether flash is used

Plus filtering on a combination of these. ie what focal length used for particular model of camera, or what aperture for a particular focal length.

It would be useful if the software could display some sort of graphs for these results, or maybe export in a spreadsheet format.

The software should run on Windows 7. And preferably free of charge.

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one possible solution. exiftool

exiftool  -r "e:\New Folder"  -Make -Model -focallength -shutterspeed -iso -aperture -flash  -csv >pictures.csv

You can then import the data into excel or librecalc and generate graphs or sort the data.


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