1. On Android, I am on facebook.com or similar website
  2. I want to post a picture I took recently, so on the website I click the file upload button
  3. Android's gallery loads painfully
  4. I choose the picture, and the gallery closes
  5. Meanwhile, the browser has been kicked out of memory, so I have to retry the whole procedure again.

I believe that Android's default gallery is at fault here, because it takes a lot of memory, buffers hundreds of pictures at a time, and insists on first showing me all an "Albums" frontpage which includes useless collections, for instance all of my Blogger albums and Google Profile Photos.

So, I am looking for a ultralight picture chooser:

  • Takes nearly no memory
  • Shows the ~20 last pictures, with paging allowing to reach earlier pictures
  • Always shows the same directory (either configurable in settings, or remember the last with lightweight folder navigation)
  • Loads in a short time, even if the folder actually contains tens of thousands of pictures.
  • Shows thumbnails (not cropped), caching thumbnails is OK
  • Free

Ideally open source.

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    Tried QuickPic?
    – Huey
    Commented Jun 14, 2015 at 2:49

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Technical speaking you need an android app that supports

  • for mimeType="image/*"
  • and scheme="file" or scheme="content"
  • "picture I took recently" means "sorted by photo-dated descending"

There are some opensource gallery apps under active development on github and available in fdroid store:

APhotoManager is an open source android gallery replacement for local photos where i am the author of.

it already supports

  • filters (only from certain folders or not older than xx days or ....)
  • sorting
  • huge image collections (I have > 16000 on my tablet)
  • gui language translated into en, jp, de, fr, it

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