Typically I have about 20 windows (half of them browser windows) and I need some way to visually organize the Windows Taskbar items, perhaps group them by project.

I am typically working on about 5 projects on any given day.

Any tools or methods to solve this problem?

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The closest thing to what you are looking for, in my limited experience, are so-called jumplist customizers; such an example is Jumplist Extender.

Perhaps a little bit more known is Jumplist-Launcher; here is a tutorial on how to use it: tutorial. I'd start with this one.


  • no installation necessary
  • jumplists may have up to 60 programs or files
  • the jumplist entries can be grouped (by a separator)
  • you can have multiple Jumplist-Launcher-Icons (with different files/programs)
  • files can be dragged into the Jumplist-Launcher from Windows-Explorer

...and others.


I'm a big fan of virtual desktops and activities in Kubuntu to organize applications by project. Dexpot offers a similar way to do that on Windows. This way, you can allocate a different virtual desktop for each project with the ability to easily navigate among them.

enter image description here


  • Up to 20 virtual desktops
  • Desktop/Fullscreen preview with drag and drop
  • Window catalog to preview all windows

enter image description here enter image description here

(pictures source)


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